1. What kind of photos can I send?

You can send any photos you like, but please keep in mind that these packages don't include photo editing. The better the photo quality, the better the overall look of the final product, so we encourage you to send photos taken on an SLR camera.

2. How many photos will be included in my book?

Part of the photo book package is the selection of photos. If there are any that you really want included, please place these in a separate folder entitled 'Must Haves'.

The number of photos per page will depend on the photos and the number of pages included in your book choice. Some photos lean towards being grouped together, whereas others demand single page attention. 

3. What format should my photos be in?

High res JPEGs will make for the best final product. If your photos are in another format, let us know and we can discuss options.

4. How long will my book take from the time I send my photos?

You will be sent an online cloud proofing version of your book to preview within a week of sending in your photos. Changes for each revision will be made within 2 business days of submission and you will receive your book within 5 business days after your final approval.*

*provided no printing queries are raised

5. What if I don't like the style of my book?

No problem! You get 2 online revisions where you can make as many comments and ask for as many changes as you like each time to end up with a product you are happy with. Additional revisions thereafter are $20 (again, you can make as many comments as you wish per revision).

Please note that after your final approval of the book, it will be sent for printing and no further changes or refunds can be made.

6. Is shipping included in the final price?

Shipping fees are included anywhere within the US.

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