About Forever

I started Forever Photo Books because I have always loved photographs and what they represent - captured moments that can take me right back to a specific moment in time that I never want to forget. Life is full of moments that come and go and when I want to revisit certain special memories, all I need to do is look through some old photographs. That's why, to me, a photo book is an invaluable treasure that will last for years to come and that I can pass on and share with those close to me.

I started putting together my own photo books years ago through a variety of different programs and discovered that my favorite designs were those I did myself. I dislike the impersonality of an auto-generated book and feel that every photo has a message and meaning and is therefore worth being displayed in the best way possible. I also know that not everyone has the time, energy or resources with which to create a beautifully-crafted, personal book, which means that for years precious photographs lie hidden on hard drives or in forgotten cloud links. This led me to create Forever Photo Books, a service for those who want to cherish their milestone memories in a tangible format, to meet someone who is just as passionate about the rare, golden life moments caught on camera and to create a book that tells their story, their way.


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